Cancer & Lymes Disease vs. Health, Community and Love! 

At 31, I had been given a diagnosis, post biopsy, of breast cancer.  I immediately put this information into the far recesses of my mind and completely ignored the situation as it was information I wasn't capable of hearing, much less, integrating at that stage of my life.  In fact, I didn't even tell my partner at the time.  In my denial, I told myself that my diagnosis was fibrous breasts due to alcohol, caffeine and other indulgent toxins.  I continued to live in this state of complete denial and even convinced myself having completely forgotten the diagnosis until years later. 
Six years later, a series of events brought me to the acute stages of 'dis'-ease and my journey put forth the first lesson of health and balance.  Re-receiving the cancer diagnosis in a more acute and bodily attack,  I had been suffering intense waves of exhaustion from the cancer and very very intense 'flu-like/nerve pain' symptoms from the lymes disease and my reality changed quite rapidly.  I was then faced with my first lesson of spirituality, balance and health.  
"Giving and Receiving"--Lesson 1: I went from a being in a state of strength, independence, self-sufficiency, provider and pillar to a state of complete and total need unable to care for myself on the most basic levels.  I found myself weak, dependent, energy-less, scared, frustrated, humiliated and so forth. At the time, I had just embarked upon a very loving and new relationship that I was extremely inspired by, but the diagnosis of cancer left me feeling quite vulnerable as well as cognizant that neither of us had signed up for 'this'.  So, I tried to end the relationship and push my lover away a few different times but he was lovingly persistent and supportive in ways I had never experienced in my life.  Needless to say, the harder I pushed the more he supported and loved.  Eventually, I became too sick to resist and the turbulence of life's river took its course.  I found myself being fully supported by someone for the first time in my life which was unnerving for me since I had been working since the age of 12.  I also began to realize that I had been surrounded by a community that was ready and willing to support me and my health journey.  At that time in my life, I had no idea how to receive because giving was so much safer and easier for me--a seemingly much less vulnerable position.  So, with humiliation and intrigue I found myself being 'forced' to receive love, support, care, nurturing and guidance (spiritually/physically/emotionally).  I had no choice but to receive after years of giving.  Lesson 1: One cannot truly give until one learns how to truly receive.  I am still growing and evolving into this life long lesson!
"Mind, Body, Thoughts & Purpose"-- Lesson 2: During the most acute part of my journey, I wasn't sure that I'd live to see today!  I spent long seemingly un-ending days stuck in bed with only enough energy to read, watch movies or sleep.  At times, even sleeping seemed like work and to journey from bed to bathroom was a full days work.  I had tons of time for self-introspection, physical and spiritual education and creativity.  So, I began educating myself on quantum mind, quantum thinking, quantum healing and mind power. Things we are all capable of integrating with an open mind and a desire to 'do something different'.  It was during this time, that I had decided that if I were to die, so be it.  But if I were to live, that I'd share my experience, self-knowledge and love with all willing to receive.  Thus, why I am doing what I do with music and community involvements.  With this self re-direction/healing, I became a student of vibration, quantum physics, ayurveda and nutrition.  A kind of 'school of hard knocks' approach but nonetheless informative. Lesson 2: Live and share your journey and experience with others that they may live, too!!!

So, I am inspired to 're-share' my blog on 'healing cancer & lymes disease'. With the additions of affordable therapeutical support.

Many have asked what helped me return to health from advanced breast cancer and advanced lyme disease 2007-2009.
MUSIC, hooping, the love of community, friends and family. The support of generous people in my community on various levels from practitioners to $$$ donors. My personal dedication to keeping a high vibration in the midst of the lowest lows with  meditation, listening to highly positive uplifting music, enjoying friends/family. Using various alternative treatments from hypnotherapy, naturopathy, quantum biofeedback, maitake mushroom, dietary-supplements to allopathic/herbal, ayurveda; by learning to relax (still a challenge) and my determination to finish what I've started! I resolved that I'd share my experience and thoughts and help where possible once I reached the 'flip-side'.
Health information and methods:
Ayurveda: "Prakruti: Your Ayurvedic Constitution", Svoboda
"Quantum Healing", Chopra, "Perfect Health", Chopra, "Ayurvedic Cook Book", Morningstar
Maitake Mushroom: Dr. Dale White (acupuncture/chiropractor), 707-824-8381
(Resource for purchasing the only exclusively endorsed maitake mushroom product by Dr. Nanba-founder.)
SOS Counseling: 707-284-3444.  They start at a $25 and up sliding scale.

What is Maitake Mushroom?
Maitake And Cancer
In a related study, the leading authority on Maitake, Dr. Hiroaki Nanba, from 1995 to 1996 reported that similar open-label exploratory studies with maitake were going on at university hospitals and partici-pating cancer clinics across Japan. He collected data from 165 volunteer patients with advanced-state cancers who were administered maitake. He concluded that maitake extract with the addition of maitake D-fraction shows definite promise as an adjunct treatment for cancer.
The patients took maitake D-fraction in capsules and maitake-extract tablets. Dosages appear to have varied from patient to patient with maitake D-fraction doses ranging from 35 to 100 mg per day, and the mushroom extract tablets ranging from 4 to 6 grams per day.
Dr. Nanba noted especially promising results for breast cancer and for lung cancer. He related that significant symptomatic improvements or regressions of tumors were seen in approx-imately 73.3% of patients with breast cancer, 46.6% of cases with liver cancer, and 66.6% of lung cancer cases.
When maitake D-fraction was administered in conjunction with chemotherapy, the responses improved by 12% to as much as 28%. In 90% of the patients, the addition of maitake D-fraction to their regimen appeared to reduce the side effects com-mon-ly associated with chemotherapy, such as hair loss, nausea, and loss of appetite. In reducing pain, maitake D-fraction appeared to be effective in 83% of patients.
Reference: Nanba, H. Activity of maitake D-fraction to inhibit carcinogenesis and metastasis. Ann NY Acad Sci 768:243-5, 1995.
A 1995 study at Japan's Kobe Pharmaceutical University investigated the effects of maitake's D-fraction on cancer in mice. Results showed 73.3-45.5% reduction in breast, lung, liver and prostrate cancer growth, 25% reduction in leukemia, 33.3% reduction in stomach cancer and 0–16% in bone cancer. These benefits increased 4–13% when combined with traditional chemotherapy treatment, as well as reducing chemotherapy's side effects and making it work better in treating cancer. Researchers attribute this latter result to the X and ES fractions of the mushroom. More recent studies of the use of MD-fraction in treating cancer patients have also found that its effectiveness varies somewhat depending on the type of cancer; a higher proportion of patients with cancers of the breast, lung, or liver showed improvement than patients with leukemia or brain cancers.
Another study by the same group of researchers looked at maitake's D-fraction function of activating memory T-cells. In turn, these T-cells remember the cells that started the tumor growth and nail them for destruction. The study found that maitake both decreases cancer cells and prevents them from occurring elsewhere in the body. In addition to its antitumor effects, maitake extract appears to increase cellular immunity to cancer.
Cancer research on apoptosis is one of the main areas of study. This process of programmed cell death is found to kill not only cancer cells, but all cells. At the Department of Urology, New York Medical College, in vitro research by Hiroshi Tazaki and his team shows that the D-fraction can kill prostate cancer cells.
Would love to hear your responses and look forward to working with you!  It takes a community to heal just one individual.


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