Butterflies Fly So Free

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Butterflies have always been a symbol of the most delicate yet hearty purity ever seen, felt or experienced 'in my reality'. I have always worshipped, honored and adored these effortlessly light creatures and have paid close attention to their vibe whenever I have been honored to be in the presence of a Butterfly--whether it wisps by or actually spends time in my vicinity; so much so, that I've halted conversations or even changed plans just to avail myself to their presence. 

My wish, my life time wish has been to have just one Butterfly alight upon me. Why? Because in my observations and actual studies of these powerfully divine creatures, the one thing that rings abundantly clear for me is that they are extremely choosy of where they land and upon what/who they land. I've never seen a Butterfly land on anything that was vibration-ally unsettled and yet they are committed to their course of migration regardless--even to the death through torrential landscapes and atmospheres--sticking to their course without wavering. It has also been my lifetime commitment to get to a place spiritually, physically, emotionally and vibration-ally where my friends, that I adore with my whole being, can be in my presence and sense the stillness within so that they might find refuge for a moment on their journey. I view these two aspects, stillness and determination, as great inner-personal challenges. I continually ask myself, Can I become a place of stillness for such a divine creature to take light upon? Can I approach my own life with the same endurance and enthusiasm as these unwavering little beings? Can I embrace and practice the strength and the softness that it takes to complete this journey as gracefully as my winged teachers?

When I found myself surrounded by the creatures I honor so much, I was completely unable to be anywhere except the present moment. As I stood amongst the tall pines that surrounded me the Butterflies started flittering around me. I gave them my undivided attention. One, landed on my finger then another and another soon there were hundreds flying through the area and lots of friends landing upon me kissing me and loving me. I have never felt such strength, softness, stillness, purity and divinity than in the moments of receiving the blessings of love and strength. The 'Butterfly Icon' is one of transformation and healing--I certainly have been rearranged and so softly, deeply touched.

I am, again, very thankful to have had the honor to experience yet another dream come true in this present reality!!!!

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