Here, Just Hear

A. Fiddle-Hooper

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"Here, Just Hear", an internationally recorded and conceived album, features the original compositions, 'Ode to Mozart', recorded in Mozart's very own compositional stomping grounds, The Cathedral of Mirrors, Prague, Czech Republic.

'Fire-Japanese Remix' and '2.5 Children-Japanese Remix' are Japanese re-mixes of the originals 'Fire' and '2.5 Children' with IMORI recorded at Alchemy Studios in Osaka, Japan.

'Heart Beat' was re-mixed and recorded live in Vienna, Austria by A. Fiddle-Hooper and Megumi Otsuka for the Ars Vitalis Fundraiser in Poland.

Please enjoy this internationally inspired collection.

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The Whirlwinds of WOOOW - An audiobook


A. Fiddle-Hooper an internationally seasoned violinist, electric violinist, cellist, composer, videographer, producer and instructor has touched thousands of lives globally with her music. Her 27 years of professional repertoire provides a well-rounded blend of Classical, Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Rock & Roll, Celtic, Middle Eastern, Indian Classical and Alternative Trance styles. She has taught internationally in Europe, India, Japan and the U.S. She has performed professionally in 22 countries. Currently, she is a resident instructor of violin & cello at Hammond Ashley Violins, in Issaquah, WA.  

A. Fiddle-Hooper has played with artists such as Kaki-King, Les Claypool, Jane Wiedlin, Pamela Parker, Boots Riley, Gabby La-La, Jaya Lakshmi, Lost at Last, Jay Lane, Geoffrey Gordon, Tami Gosnell, Shirley King and many more!



'ELEMENTAL: An audio-visual journey through the elements that create us' combined original live & pre-recorded compositions with poetic lyrics and theatrics. It was shared with the countries of England, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Japan and the U.S. rocking the cities of London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Kamiana, Vienna, Klagenfurt, Kyoto, Osaka, Khoyasan Mountain, Hiroshima, Maui and Hilo. 

(Photography: Toshiaki Kitahata, Alchemy Studios, Osaka, Japan)


A. Fiddle-Hooper worked with Alchemy Studios in Osaka, Japan with Sound Engineer Toshiaki Kitahata for a Japanese re-mix of her songs, '2.5 Children'  and 'Fire' with her Japanese band IMORI.

She is already deep in the composition and recording process of her next album 'Slipped Change' to be released 2018. She will release 'Shattered Chaos', an autobiographical musical odyssey of life's torture and triumphs to be released in Summer 2019. Her last album, 'Here, Just Hear' was released in March 2016.  

She has performed violin and cello on Ronkat Spearman's song 'My Friend' with George Clinton 2010. She performed violin and cello on Amelia Hogan's album 'Transplants' 2011.  She performed electric violin and co-composition on Sky-I's song 'Mother Divine', 2011. She performed cello & electric violin on Hoytus Rolen's album 'High Fly', Jane Clark,
2010. Violin soloist on Jaya Lakshmi's album 'Sublime', 2008 Sequoia Records. Violin soloist on Swami Vishwananda's 'Love Beyond Words 2' album, 2008 Geoffrey Gordon.

A. Fiddle-Hooper co-produced her first album 'Groove Sessions', with Jane Clark of Motown, 2008. 

Enjoy her current
music videos and the tour v-log series



The Show Box Marketplace (Seattle), Colombia City Theatre (Seattle), Charley's (Maui), Maui Farmers Union, T.V. Tokyo: Why Japan (Japan), Khoyasan Mountain Buddhist Temple (Japan), The Blues Bar (Kyoto, Japan), Hiroshima Peace Plaza (Hiroshima, Japan), Worthersee Buhne (Klagenfurt, Austria), Ars Vitalis (Poland), Jazz Dock (Prague), Mirror Chapel (Prague), Yorckschloesschen (Berlin), New Standard Jazz Session (Berlin), Club Candela (Amsterdam) The Finsbury (London), Coachmakers (London), Pride Camden (London), The Wonder Ballroom (Portland), Wow Hall (Eugene), The 'Mezz' Bar (Los Angeles), Yoshi's (S.F.), Boom Boom Room (S.F.), The Mystic Theatre (Petaluma), Pioneer Auditorium (Reno), The Great Handcar Regatta 2009-2010 (Santa Rosa), Harmony Festival (2005-2007, 2011), Earth Dance, S.F. Earth Day Celebration, Whole Earth Festival (U.C.Davis), CED International (India), SFSU Spring Concert Series 2008-2010, Center(s) for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa Arts Council, Sonoma Salute to the Arts, KRON4: The Morning Show (Bay Area T.V.), Auburn Civic Symphony, U.C. Davis Symphony, American River College Symphony, Nevada All-State Orchestra


    (Photography: Shanti Knapp)


4 String Acoustic Violin

5 String Acoustic Violin, custom-made
Acoustic Cello

Fender Electric Violin FV-1

Blackstar ID-Core 100W

Boss RC-50 Loop Station



(Photography: David Korman)
As the FIRST 'hula-hooping electric fiddler' in the world,
her show is guaranteed to entertain, intrigue and mesmerize!


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ARW: A. Fiddle-Hooper Rocks Austria

The Great Handcar Regatta 2010 (Santa Rosa)

Playing with Gabby La La